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Parent Resources
We're BIG believers in learning from others. The things our kids are experiencing are vastly different from our own childhood experiences, yet, we don't have to pioneer every aspect of parenting. Below, you will find resources on a wide range of topics. These resources are provided to us by our curriculum company The reThink Group. If you have any other ideas of resources you might like to see show up here don't hesitate to email NGEM.
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Needed for Middle School and High School kids to participate in special events.

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After your child has attended three weeks you will be added to our follow-up email list. If your child does not attend programming and you'd still like to receive the follow-up resources, let us know (NGEM).

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Text Messaging

Don't have time for email? Fill out the form, at this link, we'll periodically text you quick ways to connect with your kids over spiritual issues.

Sunday Follow-Up Resources - Updated Weekly/Monthly


God Time
Kid's Quiet Time Tool

Monthly Overview
Big Picture

Parent Cue
Weekly Review Resource


At Home
Monthly Review Resource
Preschool Parent Cue

Sexual Integrity Conversation Guides

Technology Conversation Guides

Crisis Conversation Guides

Family Service Ideas

Divorce Conversation Guide

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Dating Conversation Guide

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Bullying Conversation Guide

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*These resources are intended for parent use. If you are interested in making use of these for a different church please subscribe to GoWeekly to gain access to these resources for your parents.