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Child Dedications and Infant Baptisms
If you are about to, or have welcomed a new child into your home through birth or adoption, congratulations, we're excited for you! So many questions can surround this time. Questions about finances, work situations, how to parent well and beyond. Welcoming a new family member is no small thing.

Dedicating your child or baptizing your baby is a way for you, from the very beginning of your time with your child, to say, "God, we need You!" It's a chance to set goals and imagine what success as a parent might look like.

At Faith we want to partner with you as you move towards the goals you set for your family. We’ve outlined a four step process that we believe gives parents a good foundation to build on.

Step 1: Registration - Fill out the Child Dedication / Infant Baptism registration form. Make sure you pick a date that you can attend both the orientation and dedication/baptism service.

Step 2:
Homework - Complete the homework at this link.

Step 3: Orientation - At the orientation we will talk over your homework assignments and through all the details of the service. Orientations take place at 8:15am on a Sunday morning.

Step 4: Dedication/Baptism Service - The service itself lasts about 30-40 minutes, followed by a reception with snacks. Make sure you invite all your family, and we’ll invite your friends from Faith! Services are offered twice a year on a Sunday at 11:15am.

Next Child Dedication and Infant Baptism Services

October 25, 11:15am
Orientation: TBD