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Who: Elementary Aged Kids & Their Small Group Leaders
What: A chance to have fun and grow relationships between kids and volunteers.
Why: Fun over time leads to relationships that have lasting impact.
Where: KSU Student Union Bowling Alley
When: Saturday, February 24 - 11:00am-12:30pm

Middle School Believe Conference

The theme this year at Believe will focus on the idea of a relationship WITH Jesus. Many things can cause a middle school student to become lonely. Anxiety, sin, depression, distorted identity, rejection, self-worth, abandonment, even technology plays a role. But God teaches us that relationships are key in life. A relationship with Jesus is where life really comes from – eternal life.

March 23-24
Kansas City Expo Center

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Registration deadline has passed.

Total cost for Believe is $100.

Price includes conference, food, hotel and travel.

Deadline to Register is February 18, 2018

$25 Deposit Required

Rest of Payment Due: March 4, 2018

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High School Challenge Trip 2018

Do you remember that moment? That moment that changed everything? When the grace of Jesus's sacrifice on the cross sank in? That moment when spiritual freedom came into your life? Many live their whole lives without experiencing a moment like this.

Challenge is that moment for hundreds of high schoolers.

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Registration NOW open!!!

A $100 down payment is needed to register.

$480.00 total if registered by January 30, 2018

$510.00 if registered between January 31-March 11, 2018.

Price includes conference, food, hotel and travel.

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Future events will appear here as they become relevant. If something seems to be missing or you have questions email Janelle Case at emjanelle.