What is NextGen?
Never heard of a Next Generation Ministry? Wonder How we approach teaching the Bible to kids? Watch the video below and check out our curriculum strategy chart below. If you have more questions don't hesitant to contact any of our NextGen staff!
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Strategy Matters!
We are deeply committed to teaching the Bible. We are also deeply committed to fun, relationships, being a place kids belong and mobilizing kids to use their God given gifts and talents. Each of those things have merit on their own but we believe when those things live in harmony and are connected to a clear vision for how we want to disciple kids they become something much larger than a handful of great values. Our mission is to partner with parents in an effort to help children come to faith in Christ and experience God in all of life.
Format Matters!
In a nutshell, we believe that children need a lot of the same things we as adults need. Here, at this link, you can read about how we, as a church, believe there are three primary environments that we grow in. Those environments are worship, connect and serve. All of our NextGen phases follow a large group/small group format. Large group times in preschool and elementary phases involve worship through music, engaging skits and teaching from the bible. Many of our middle and high school students also attend a worship service here at Faith so their large group time is focused around an engaging game and age appropriate teaching. Kids of all ages connect in small groups where consistent trusted volunteers give kids a place to belong and connect their large group teaching to everyday life. Periodically, throughout the year all of our kids will experience opportunities to serve.
What We Teach Matters!
We believe the Bible in it's entirety and approach our teaching of it strategically. In every phase we have three core truths that we seek to teach our kids. This isn't all we teach but it does represent our broad goals. Sit with the twelve basic truths below and imagine what it might look like if our children grasped all of them well over their eighteen years within our ministry. If you have more questions about what we teach again, don't hesitate to contact any of us!
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