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Four Phases - One Goal

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Sunday Schedule

Nursery - 8:30, 9:45
Preschool - 9:45
Elementary - 9:45
Middle School - 9:45, W PM
High School - 9:45, Su PM

Faith Through the Phases

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Memorial Weekend NextGen Programming

Memorial Day Weekend is our most predictable low attendance Sunday of the year.  Families and volunteers travel in mass. It also falls right at the time we transition from our school year team to our summer team. It’s a hard Sunday to make awesome. As a result, to take some of the pressure off of that day we’re going to suspend all NextGen programming except for the nursery on Sunday May 26th.

There are times when we simply must make ministry happen. We tighten the bootstraps, make sure that kids are safe and adapt as necessary. There is a fine line though of operating safely with a short handed crew and operating in an unsafe manner.  Could we get enough people to commit to serving one day to make that Sunday happen? Probably. Yet, it would take a large number of people who have not been fully equipped to fulfill the roles.  We can always handle some of that, but on that Sunday it would take too many for us to feel good about running our programs. 

We would still LOVE to have your family join us on the 26th.  We’ll send an email that week with ideas on how to help your children engage in the regular worship service and we’ll have a table with resources set up in the South hallway.